Connecting with our 21st Century Learners

Today’s students will face challenges our generation has yet to imagine. This module focuses on ensuring that every student is ready to meet those challenges. The 21st Century Skills Framework developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills helps to guide this discussion. Participants observe and analyze model lessons to identify 21st century skills and methods of teaching them, design a lesson incorporating 21st century skills and tools, and collaborate with colleagues to critique lessons developed by other participants.

5 weeks, 1.0 CEU (general)

Currently scheduled sections

Instructional goals and learning objectives

  1. Investigate the 21st Century Skills Framework using the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website and relate the framework to North Carolina goals and professional standards. You will:
    1. Identify and compare components of the 21st Century Skills Framework.
    2. Review and critique resources related to 21st century skills and classroom instruction.
    3. Connect the 21st Century Skills Framework to the goals of the North Carolina State Board of Education regarding future-ready students.
    4. Connect 21st century skills to the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards.
  2. Observe and analyze model lessons developed by North Carolina teachers (via video interviews and classroom clips) to identify and discuss 21st century skills. You will:
    1. Analyze lessons and identify components of 21st century skills.
    2. Reflect on your current practice and compare it to the model lessons.
  3. Apply 21st century skills and use Web 2.0 tools to develop a lesson that aligns to the Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards and requires students to model and apply 21st century skills. You will:
    1. Design or redesign a lesson that incorporates 21st century skills and requires students to demonstrate mastery of them.
    2. Use Web 2.0 tools to build this lesson.
  4. Collaborate to critique the lessons developed in this module and provide suggestions for strengthening them. You will collaborate to:
    1. Analyze lessons developed by other participants in this course.
    2. Provide feedback for strengthening 21st century learning for students.
    3. Objective 4.3 Identify and apply the principles of adult learning.

Alignment to North Carolina standards

Course schedule

  1. Week 1: Introduction
    1. Week 1 Overview
    2. Activity 1: Introductions and Introspection Forum
    3. North Carolina State Board of Education Goals
    4. Activity 2: Identify Goals for Personal Growth Assignment
    5. Introduction to 21st Century Skills
      Activity 3: Watch a video and reflect on it in your journal. Share a post in the discussion forum.
  2. Week 2: Understanding 21st Century Skills and the 4Cs
    1. Week 2 Overview
    2. Making Connections with the New Standards
      Activity 1: Mapping my practice
    3. The 21st Century Skills Framework (Partnership for 21st Century Skills)
      Activity 2: Quiz
    4. Alignment of Common Core State Standards and the Framework for 21st Century Skills
    5. The 4Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity
      Activity 3: Create a Voice Thread to describe how the 4Cs come to life in your classroom.
  3. Week 3: The 4Cs in the Classroom
    1. Week 3 Overview
    2. A Classroom Teacher’s Perspective
    3. Activity 1: The 21st Century Learning Balance
    4. Activity 2: Web 2.0 Hunt and Resource Share
  4. Week 4: 21st Century Skills in Classroom Practice
    1. Week 4 Overview
    2. Activity 1: Wagner’s Seven Survival Skills
    3. 21 Century Skills in Practice. What Does it Look Like in the Classroom?
      Activity 2: View Video. Journal Reflection and Discussion.
    4. Discussion Forum: 21C Skills in the Classroom
  5. Week 5: Bringing the 21st Century into my Classroom
    1. Week 5 Overview
    2. Design a Lesson with Embedded 21st Century Skills
      Activity: Create or update a lesson to share.
    3. Activity: Review a colleague’s lesson and post your feedback.
    4. Voices from North Carolina