Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, Part 2

Learners will review the standards in their disciplines and understand how the teaching of literacy is a school-wide responsibility. They will also examine teacher behaviors, pedagogical approaches, and students’ skills and attitudes surrounding the development of CCSS in the respective disciplines. They will then have guided practice examining, discussing, and creating learning activities for their students that integrate the North Carolina Essential Standards and the Common Core Literacy Standards for disciplines in grades 6–12.

7 weeks, 1.0 CEU (general)

Currently scheduled sections

Instructional goals and learning objectives

  1. Recognize literacy as a a shared responsibility and deepen the understanding of the impact of the shared literacy anchor standards across all disciplines.
    1. Identify (review) the ways that literacy can be shared in a school.
    2. Think about and respond to questions about their role in shared literacy in a school.
    3. Examine the misconceptions surrounding the CCSS Literacy Standards.
  2. Understand that the intentional, cohesive implementation of literacy standards deepens the conceptual understanding of the discipline.
    1. Review and explain the literacy standards for their discipline.
    2. Connect the literacy standards with the teacher behaviors that are needed to enhance student learning in a particular discipline.
  3. Analyzing artifacts that exemplify the literacy standards that complement the specific disciplines.
    1. Analyze artifacts for pedagogical approaches that encourage literacy in the discipline.
    2. Analyze artifacts for teacher behavior that supports literacy in the disciplines.
    3. Analyze artifacts for student attitudes, skills and behaviors that indicate CCSS standards are
      being met.
    4. Evaluate and reflect on what approaches, skills and behaviors could be implemented into an
      individual’s teaching to help meet the CCSS literacy standards for his/her teaching.
  4. Create a new or adapt an existing lesson, task or activity that exemplifies use of the literacy standard(s) to deepen the students’ understanding of their specific discipline.
    1. Create a new or adapt an existing lesson, task or activity so that it exemplifies the use of the CCSS literacy standard(s).
    2. Analyze and evaluate the ways that this lesson plan or task deepens the students’ understanding of their specific discipline.

Alignment to North Carolina standards

Course schedule

  1. Week 1: Review of Background Rationale
    1. Review of the Background and Rationale
      Activity: Self-Assessment and Reflection
  2. Week 2: Literacy as a shared responsibility across all the disciplines
    1. Why is Shared Responsiblity Important? Page
      Discussion Forum: Shared Responsiblity
    2. Tips for Working with English Language Learners Page
      Discussion Forum: Techniques for English Language Learners
  3. Week 3: How the intentional, cohesive implementation of literacy standards deepens the conceptual understanding of the discipline
    1. Making Sense of the Common Core Disciplinary Literacy Standards
      Activity: Understanding the standards
    2. Connecting the Literacy Standards with Teacher Behaviors Needed to Enhance Student Learning
      Discussion Forum: Sharing your ideas
  4. Weeks 4 & 5: Analyzing the implementation of the literacy standards in the specific disciplines

    This section of the course has different content for each discipline, but all participants will follow the same basic structure.

    1. Week 4: Analyzing the Implementation
      1. Introduction
        Journal entry or discussion
      2. Disciplinary Literacy in specific content area
        Journal entry or discussion
      3. Analyzing and Evaluating the Use of CC Standards withing a Learning Activity
        Journal entry or discussion
    2. Week 5: Making it Your Own
      1. Analyze a previously taught lesson
      2. Adapt the lesson
      3. Share your adapted lesson for feedback
  5. Weeks 6 & 7: Planning and Implementing a Classroom Activity
    1. Making it Your Own: Submit Adapted Lesson Plan Assignment
    2. Planning and implementing a classroom lesson/activity using Common Core State Standards
      Discussion Forum: Classroom Activity