Seize the Data: Empowering Teachers to Create and Use Assessment and Measurement, Part 1

This 7-week course is a Part 1of a two course series designed to help teachers reflect on the importance of data and how they collect, analyze, and use it in their instruction.

In Part 1, participants will be introduced to the fundamental concepts and principles of data literacy, both in their own classrooms and across schools. Starting from an introduction to reliability and validity the course will lead to critical analysis of real-life assessment examples. Additionally, we will focus on sound assessment design, data analysis, and valid inference making. It will include teaching students how to use assessment data to inform and extend their own learning. The course should take approximately 20 hours to complete. Satisfactory completion of the course will earn 2 CEUs. Participants should expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week on course-related work.

Important: An expanded version of this course was earlier offered as a 14-week course. We are now offering the same course in a 2 Part series. (7 weeks, 2 CEUs)

7 weeks, 2.0 CEUs (general)

Currently scheduled sections

Instructional goals and learning objectives

  1. Use a basic understanding of data literacy principles to reflect on assessment design and data collection
  2. Recognize inefficiencies in existing classroom assessment practices and make changes to improve the
    quality of the data collected.

Alignment to North Carolina standards

Course schedule

  1. Unit 1: Understanding the Role of Data
    1. Unit 1 Overview
    2. Lesson 1.1: Laying the Foundations of Data Literacy
      Discussion Forum: Your Assessment Story (1.1)
    3. Lesson 1.2: Framing Assessment with the Four Types of Data
      Discussion Forum: The Four Types of Data (1.2)
    4. Lesson 1.3: Passing Inspection
      Discussion Forum: Your Assessment Reliability (1.3)
    5. Unit 1 Data Literacy Development Meeting
  2. Unit 2: Creating Reliable Assessments
    1. Unit 2 Overview
    2. Lesson 2.1: Getting Learning Bang for Your Buck
      Discussion Forum: Assessment Conversations (2.1)
    3. Lesson 2.2: Critiquing Classroom Assessments
      Discussion Forum: Assessment Critique (2.2)
    4. Lesson 2.3: Designing for Reliability
      Discussion Forum: Highly Reliable Assessment (2.3a)
      Discussion Forum: Assessment Design Reflection (2.3b)
    5. Unit 2 Data Literacy Development Meeting