Seize the Data: Empowering Teachers to Create and Use Assessment and Measurement, Part 2

This 7-week course is a Part 2 of a two course series designed to help teachers reflect on the importance of data and how they collect, analyze, and use it in their instruction. You must successfully complete Part 1 before enrolling in this course. Part 2 of this course focuses on the basics of classroom research and leads participants through implementation of the process with an emphasis on improving student learning. Additionally, we will explore the concepts behind standardized testing, and the types of data employed in North Carolina. The course should take approximately 20 hours to complete. Satisfactory completion of the course will earn 2 CEUs. Participants should expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week on course-related work. (7 weeks, 2 CEUs)

7 weeks, 2.0 CEUs (general)

Currently scheduled sections

Instructional goals and learning objectives

  1. Use classroom research to investigate effectiveness of existing processes and strategies.
  2. Integrate standardized test data with classroom assessment results to make informed decisions.

Alignment to North Carolina standards

Course schedule

  1. Unit 3: Harnessing Classroom Research to Improve Student Learning
    1. Unit 3 Overview
    2. Lesson 3.1: Asking Quality Questions
      Discussion Forum: Research Questions (3.1)
    3. Lesson 3.2: Creating Credibility
      Discussion Forum: Analysis of Student Writing Reflection (3.2)
    4. Lesson 3.3: Putting Their Data to Work
      Discussion Forum: Classroom Research Project Plan (3.3a)
      Discussion Forum: Classroom Research Project Results (3.3b)
    5. Unit 3 Data Literacy Development Meeting
  2. Unit 4: Using North Carolina Data Systems
    1. Unit 4 Overview
    2. Lesson 4.1: Surveying the Data Landscape
      Discussion Forum: Find Your Standardized Test Data (4.1)
    3. Lesson 4.2: Digging into the Standardized Testing Landscape
      Discussion Forum: Looking at Standardized Test Data (4.2)
    4. Lesson 4.3: Harvesting the Data Landscape
      Discussion Forum: Using Data to Write A SMART Goal (4.3)
    5. Unit 4 Data Literacy Development Meeting